E-lect App

E-lect is an online voting platform that ensures your electronic voting is accurate and secure and accessible in the simplest way. It aims to encourage young adults to actively participate in elections, and help them become more informed about politics. 


Tools Used: Adobe XD, Figma, Illustrator

Duration: 1.5 Weeks



As a student and young city-dweller, I’m constantly on the move with very little time to spare. I find it almost stressful to even find time to hang out with my friends. At this quick pace we are living, we tend to prioritize plans and tasks that are most important to us while sometimes neglecting our duties as a Canadian citizen. When election time rolls around, I find myself being constantly reminded by my parents to go fulfill my duty as a citizen and vote. I found it quite difficult to even spare 15 minutes of my day to go to my local polling place and vote. I know I am not the only person who experiences this dilemma.

The Problem & Goal

According to Statistics Canada, people ages 18-24 years remain the lowest percentage of voters from 2011 - 2019. There are two major barriers that prevented youth from voting: motivation and access (2015 National Youth Survey). The goal is to design an app that would encourage Canadian youths to vote.


After analyzing survey results, I formed a user persona from the patterns of demographic information and common insights. 


Existing User Journey

Advanced Registration
You can register at the polls when you go to vote, but if you register in advance at the right address, you will receive a voter information card in the mail when a federal election is called. The voter information card tells you when, where and the ways to vote.
About three weeks before election day, Elections Canada mails personalized voter information cards to electors. The card tells them that they are registered to vote. It also tells them when and where to vote, the different ways they can vote, and how to get more information.

Ways to Vote:

Vote on election Day

Vote at your advance poll

Vote by Mail

Vote at a local elections  office

Vote in 6 Steps

1 - Polling Place, election worker greets you & show you to the right table
2 - Show your proof of identity and address
3 - Election worker will initial, fold and hand you a ballot
4 - Go behind the voting screen, mark and refold your ballot 
5 - Return your ballot to the worker
6 - Put your ballot in the box


New User Journey 

- If your jurisdiction supports mobile voting, those who are qualified to vote are sent voter information cards 3 weeks prior to election day. The voter card should include a unique QR code.

- Download the app - Scan the QR code to create an account with a mobile number, email and choose security PIN and upload ID. (the extent of creating a bank account, Gov account)

- Complete the process to verify your identity, which is then “paired” to your phone’s biometrics (fingerprint/facial scan) or PIN.

- Once everything is confirmed and setup, you will be given a timeframe to access your mobile ballot. Once the ballot is opened, voters will have 10 minutes to finish the voting process.

- You’ll receive an anonymized receipt so you can verify your selections.  

Using Format