RCVR : Sustainable Fashion Brand

Branding Case Study / Brand Identity

Fashion is the second most polluting industry globally, where 10 million tons of clothes are sent over to landfill. 95% of which could be reused or recycled. 

RCVR was created to make a change within the industry. They are a contemporary sustainable fashion company that replenishes the fashion industry while meeting the standards of fashion enthusiasts.


At its foundation, RCVR believes that it improves all aspects of life for all that are touched by it. RCVR repurposes old clothes from peoples’ donations and collected textiles from landfills to be made into an RCVR piece. All of RCVR’s garments are made to be remade so customers can be assured that their clothes are at peace with the environment. RCVR creates an innovative and resourceful approach to sustainable fashion - an approach that reassures oneself that their clothes are healthful for the future of the world as we all take one step closer to diminishing waste in our lives. 




“Sustainable Timeless Fashion”

We help move towards a future where sustainable fashion is easily accessible and affordable while still being able to share their style. We strive to encourage all human beings to live a more sustainable lifestyle and help reduce waste within the fashion industry and eventually, the world.  



We believe upcycling waste and promoting sustainable fashion is the first step to a better future. The ultimate goal is to end the concept of waste entirely, in this case, we are taking one step towards reducing carbon footprint within the fashion industry.

Fashion Forward
Our goal is to design and create outstanding apparel that is not only stylish and trendy but universal for all human beings while

Community and Equality
Our goal is to encourage a sustainable lifestyle. We believe that sustainable fashion should be accessible and diverse for all human beings.






This portfolio page includes images from H&M and Pinterest

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