Sirus 360

The advancement of technology has considerably shaped the way life is right now. We rely on technology to perform simple tasks without realizing how heavily we depend on it. Our day-to-day activities are exponentially becoming replaced by new gadgets and smart devices. Our mobile devices contain an extent of personal information, we give up an extreme amount of privacy to our mobile devices without even knowing it. It is the most intimate possession that we own, we take it into our most private and personal places. 

Concept: This video was inspired by the Microchip trend in Sweden where Swedish citizens would implant chips in their hands to replace their credit cards, ID and home keys. This video reveals a man's morning routine in a first-person perspective via Sirus and insinuates that mobile devices are no longer mainstream and microchipping is now the new trend. Are we surrendering our right to privacy in exchange for new technology?

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